Odaxelagnia – Bite me..

Odaxelagnia – the word is as appealing intellectually as it is sexually, but what does it mean?

Actually, a surprising number of people are into it without realising.

Odaxelagnia is a fetish for biting, or being bitten.

I know, sweet little innocent me, right?

For me, being bitten isn’t so much of a sexual but a psychological release, and it turns out that, for many women  (and men!), such is the case.

It takes us out of the what-ifs and what-was and it brings us to the present, the now.

As a woman with chronic anxiety, that is very appealing.

On a sexual front, there is something oddly arousing about being pinned down and bitten by a lover. It’s rough and of a primal like a hunter taking it’s prey. There is a feeling of desire, of lust, and who doesn’t want to be desired?

As a biter, it’s not about some Twilight reenactment scene, at all. This isn’t about drawing blood (though it certainly can be, if you and your partner want it to be) or leaving hickeys (again), this is purely about the sensation, that mild pain-pleasure that gets our lover’s endorphins racing.

I had no idea until recently that “Odaxelagnia” was a word. It was actually from researching some stuff (hey, play safe, people) that I discovered it. I smiled, of course I did. It was a mouthful, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

So if you want to impress your (current or next) romantic interest, read up and ask them if they are into odaxelagnia. The combination of your intellectual vocabulary and desire for kinky things could make for an interesting evening..

You’re welcome.

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