In support of my LGBT+ friends during Pride month

Dear friends,

I get it, I really do, I feel that surpression on a nearly daily basis and if I could have what you have now, the world really would be a much kinder, nicer, better place. You see, like you, I’m not bad, or different.Just like you, I’m human, but I love differently. The love I give is not for one who is of the same sex as me or one who identifies as the same sex as me (despite being born otherwise) or defines by any of the numerous other labels that now exist.The love I give can only be given through the art of submission. Does that make me broken? Most definitely not.

Like you, I can’t be “cured”, I can’t be “fixed”. This is the only way I know. Like you, I was born this way. I’ve never not known my kinky ways, except for maybe when tying up a captured neighbourhood ‘soldier’ was part of the game, and we really were doctors and there was nothing weird at all about our ways! I was never into playing Mums and Dads, ever, and the idea of going out on romantic dates with boyfriends repulsed me.

My friends, I’m kinky, and much like your sexuality defines a part of you, I define myself as kinky. It does not make me who I am (because believe it or not, this rope bunny loves tending to her roses, too) but it makes me why I am, why the kinds of guys I was always attracted to had that certain mysterious je ne sais quoi about them, a quiet confidence and a dark wit. Tasty.

I have always had a sour grapes attitude towards the LGBT community, and in some sense it’s not difficult to see why. What I would give to wear my collar in public (with her black embossed roses and faux fur lining, so pretty) and to be open and happy about who and what I am. If I could have what you have in a world where women are expected to want powerful positions and men who rule over women are opressive manipulators, I would be happy. I am happy in my life, happy in my home and happy in my relationship. Like you ten years ago, I want the world to see that this isn’t some weird sex habit – this is love. 

So shine bright, my friends, shine bright for who you are. Be you, and don’t let anybody tell you to be you any differently. If I had listened to that advice, I wouldn’t have wasted 4 years of my life trying to tamper out my dress sense into pretty floral patterns, hoping that maybe, just maybe, I might like me as a heterosexual, conformist woman. I did not, I felt miserable, fat, unattractive, anxious, depressed and I had low self-steem. I’m now back to black with discreet day collars and loving every goddamn moment of it.

For this month, and every month in between, be you, and be proud of who you are, how you love and what makes you unique. Maybe, just maybe, one day we can finally embrace and celebrate that however we love, each of us, we still give love, regardless.

With all my love and support for Pride month

Your kinky friend, Elena

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